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 Presidio Builders LLC


          Presidio Builders LLC is a full service project management firm located in the Houston, Texas area. With over 30+ years of experience, Presidio can take your project from concept to completion. They have constructed schools, churches, retail food stores, custom homes and  everything in between. ” We offer a full service restoration of your commercial building no matter how large or how small the task. We step in where Hurricane Harvey left off to bring your building back to profitability” says Earl Sample, president. Call Presidio Today (713)882-2677 or click the logo for the webpage.  

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Perfectly Green Corporation


               The perfectly Green Corporation has introduced a revolutionary new A/C system into the market that is changing the industry. Owned by Erik Barger and Called the “Smart Frog” a/c system, this beauty incorporates many modern technological features. A built in 7Kw generator, 4Kw plug and play solar capability, and WiFi capable. It works with all moder thermostats. Up to 23 seer capable up to 5 ton. This just names a few. For more information on the product or to BECOME AN EXCLUSIVE DEALER, Click the logo or picture to visit the corporate web site, you will not be disappointed! 

Revive Computer Electronics


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Revive Computer electronics is your “Go To” company for all of your computer and information technology needs. Working with Businesses all over the USA, Revive Computer electronics has your needs covered.  A few of their services include: computer upgrading and repair, remote IT support, web design, web hosting, general electronic repair, and device implementation. After all, BPN uses Revive to design and maintain this very web site! Call Revive Today and speak With Jeff About your Business Computing Needs! (832)919-4162


          A/C Float Switches & Drain Line Cleanouts

           Clear A/C Drain Lines Fast & Easy

           “Install & Never Cut The Line Again”

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Latest News about our Industry

New fire-resistant coating to prevent failure in steel building fires

NTU Assistant Professor Aravind Dasari putting his finger on a piece of plastic that is cool enough to touch, which was placed behind a steel plate coated with FiroShield and exposed to a flame over 900 degrees Celsius. Credit: Nanyang Technological University

NIST method sees through concrete to detect early-stage corrosion

What they have developed is a noninvasive “spectral fingerprint” technique that reveals the corrosion of concrete-encased steel before it can cause any significant degradation of the structure it supports. The detection method is described in a new paper in the journal Applied Magnetic Resonance.

How to pave over our cigarette butt problem

Soon the footpath you walk on could be full of cigarette butts, instead of being littered with them. Trillions of cigarette butts are produced every year worldwide, with most discarded into the environment. They take ages to break down while their toxic chemical load is released into creeks, rivers and the ocean.

Great Uses For Drones On Your Job Site!

         Are you a construction engineer or are you perhaps rebuilding your home? Or just remodeling your home for a fresh look? From scoping out the big picture above to drastically improving safety and efficiency in your business, drones are a great way to make sure that your construction project is the best it can be.

When the rubber hits the road: Recycled tires create stronger concrete

UBC engineers have developed a more resilient type of concrete using recycled tires that could be used for concrete structures like buildings, roads, dams and bridges while reducing landfill waste.

There remains no better place for investors to place their money than in commercial real estate, according to Avison Young’s Fall 2017 North America Commercial Real Estate Investment Review.

The report, which covers commercial real estate investment activity in the first half of 2017